What is the best hedge trimmer?

If you ever had to cut a hedge with a pair of hand scissors, you know how good a hedge trimmer can be. You will not only be able to save time and avoid sores, but it will be much easier for you to get a clean, clean and clear finish on your fence. The correct hedge trimmer for you will largely depend on the type of hedge that you have in your garden and how much you have.

  • Great power. If you have older barriers with thick branches, you will need a relatively powerful machine to clip them.
  • Rotating blade. When you need to cut between fences and walls, fences or other plants, it is good to have a rotating blade that allows you to hold the device comfortably and safely, cutting at different angles.
  • Lock on/off. If you want to cut your hedges in a working session, the lock switch reduces fatigue when cutting. Conversely, if you work near children, dogs, or other distractions, it is best to use a switch that requires continuous pressure to work.
  • Light Weight, which you consider easy, subjective, but easier – scissors for pruning, plus you can use it until tired. If you do not know what you can do, try the lawn mower in the warehouse (look for traffic without lighting) or rent a model that you plan to make sure it is right for you.
  • Admissible noise levels. All power tools, including hedge trim tabs, can be quite noisy. However, some electric and wireless models are so silent that they probably do not bother the neighbors too much.
  • Good guarantee. Users sometimes report problems of longevity, even with the best trimmer for hedging, sometimes from the very beginning. Look for a model that has a guarantee of at least two years. Models intended for commercial use can have guarantees for owners up to five years.

What hedges do you want to cut?

Small hedges If you have a small hedge and you do not mind a small exercise, you may need a pair of hand scissors. If you only have a limited number of hedges to evenly close to the house, the best option is an electric hedge trimmer with a cutting blade length of up to 45 cm. Our best hedge trimmers are fast, leaving a neat finish and easy to use. If you hate hassle in working with a power cable, consider a wireless trigger for hedging. Many hedges If you have many hedges, you can find a hedge trimmer with a longer cutting blade. We have Heidge Best Buy trimmers with blade lengths of up to 70 cm or more, which significantly reduces the number of shots in length than a 45 cm long blade. If your fences are too far from the nearest energy source, then the throat trimmer is a reasonable option. But also consider a wireless machine – some have a spare battery, or you can buy an extra one to extend the cutting time.

What is the size of your property? If you have a lawn or garden that extends within 100 meters of the most convenient power source, you can use a shredder cord from a hedge. However, if your open space is larger or connected with odd obstacles, you should be equipped with a gasoline or gasoline mower.

How often do you plan to use a trimmer for hedging? If your plants require only periodic reduction (several times a year), then a cheaper electric or wireless model makes sense. For more frequent work, spending extra money for a more powerful trimmer can save you time and money in the long run. Keep in mind that, regardless of the source of supply, residential hedge triggers are classified for accidental use only

Do you need hearing protection and eye protection? For professionals using any power tool (including hedge trimmers), the industry standard is the use of eye protection and hearing protection. Owners would be good to follow their example; although many hedge trimmer manufacturers do not weaken the decibel ratings of their instruments, some models definitely exceed the threshold to harm your hearing. Wearing an ear plug is a cheap and convenient way to protect your hearing; We provide a complete report that will help you choose the most convenient and effective models.

Gas or electric? Gas crimping trimmers have long been the gold standard for professional landscapers, but high-quality wireless models have overcome the gap and in some cases surpassed them. Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries. They are lighter and provide constant power until the battery goes out. Wired electrical models are ideal for light work on small suburban facilities and are among the cheapest hedge trimmer that you can buy, but they do not have the option of cutting gas models or most powerful wireless. If you plan to use the gas model, keep in mind the additional maintenance that they need, and do not ignore the fuel manufacturer’s recommendations; Failure to comply with these letter requirements can lead to costly repairs that will not be covered by the warranty.