How To Choose The Right Electric Fireplace

There are many advantages to having an electric fireplace for your home. Electric fireplaces have the same advantages as a conventional fireplace with less maintenance, less costs and a wide range of shapes and designs.

Best Right Electric FireplaceWhen you choose the right type of electric fireplace for your home, how do you know the size? Which style best suits your needs? Before the final purchase, it is necessary to consider several factors. Let’s look at these considerations, including understanding how these houses work, knowing where they will go, measuring, understanding the importance of size and taking into consideration the architecture of your home and your personal style.

How do they work?

Simply put, electric fireplaces work by plugging into an outlet, usually after collecting it at home. Electricity supplies the lights of the device, which must mimic the appearance and movement of the actual flame.

Another part of the electric fireplace is the heating, which destroys the heat to warm the room and creates the impression that it is in front of a real fire. While this sounds realistic, there is no flames or smoke coming out of the device. They also remain fresh to the touch, making it a safe choice for children and pets. This also makes cleaning easier. Most electric fireplaces can work with a button or with a remote control, and some even have settings to turn off automatically after a certain period of time.

Where does it go?
You want to buy an electric fireplace obviously the first thing you need to decide is where it will go. Will he be in the living room? Bedroom? Do you expect to heat the whole house or a room?
Once you understand this, consider the size of this area. Selecting the room in which you want to maintain your home will allow you to better prepare for the next steps to choose the one that best fits your home. If it is in the main room, such as in the living room, it is normal when the chimney is in the center of the room.

Now that you have determined where your fireplace goes, the next step will be to measure the area in which it will eventually live. Consider not only the place where he will sit, but also what surrounds him. Will your fireplace sit on the floor or in a niche on the wall? What other furniture do you have in the room?

You not only want to consider the size of the room and furniture in which you will work, but also the dimensions of the device itself. So you will need to measure, so you know exactly what space you are working with. This will help you choose the right chimney for your needs.
Size problems

Electric fireplace entertainment center
When choosing a fireplace, it is important to remember that the size of the room and the size of the appliance are important. If you choose a small fireplace, you might not expect to heat a room several hundred square feet. Large electric fireplaces will be more likely to keep large rooms or your entire home at the desired temperature. Small electric fireplaces may be best for smaller rooms such as your bedroom.

You also want to make sure that the room in which the fireplace is located can withstand the electrical charge that the fireplace carries on it. Depending on the size of your fireplace, you may need a special circuit installed by an electrician to avoid overloading your circuit. Although it is not necessary, it may be wise to check with an electrician before making a purchase.

3 types of fireplaces to study this winter

Winter may not be a favorite season for everyone, but it is probably the most convenient. And what could be more comfortable than a warm fire in the comfort of your own home?

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are ideal for the heat and the atmosphere, but many people are extinguished by the confusion and frustration that accompany them. Gas and electric fireplaces can offer great alternatives, but there is still a lot to see when making such a purchase. Which fireplace best reflects what you want from the heating / lighting unit, and which model is best for the existing interior of your home? Let’s discuss the characteristics of the three main types of families and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Fireplaces, wood
Everlasting fireplace, wood burning hot tubs for centuries. With warmth, the wood fireplaces offer a certain atmosphere as fascinating as comfortable. Also, some people may not smell of a wood burning fireplace!

Although the wood fireplaces have stood the test of time to provide comfort and warmth for centuries, they come with some flaws.

When a fireplace burns wood as fuel, the wood releases carbon monoxide and other toxins in the form of smoke, which is expelled from the house through a chimney or chimney. As a result, most of the heat is lost in the process, making the wood chimneys the chimneys less efficient.

In addition to losing heat in the fireplace, wood fireplaces require a lot of maintenance. You will need to make sure you have plenty of wood that is convenient to heat your house, which means you are cutting yourself or going to the store to buy firewood. When the fire burns, you must be careful to keep it warm, inflate and add wood to the fire. You also need to monitor the fire to make sure it does not degenerate and that it fires at home.

As wood fireplaces require a lot of attention and attention, many families prefer to play them and instead choose a gas or electric fireplace.

Gas or electric fireplace
Although fundamentally different, such as night and day, gas fireplaces and electric power actually have a number of advantages shared between them.

Gas fireplaces and electric power provide a safer alternative to wood fireplaces, creating heat and atmosphere without danger of dangerous falls coming out of the fireplace. Gas fireplaces produce minimal emissions from wood fireplaces, while electric fireplaces do not produce any emissions.

In addition, gas fireplaces and electric power do not rely on burning wood, they can provide constant heating, whether you like it or not if the logs remain burning. A simple on / off switch for both types of fireplaces also significantly reduces the time (and frustration) needed to light a wood burning fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces
An alternative to a real pie for a wood-burning fireplace, the appearance of a gas unit, in the first place, is a flame. With a variety of gas magazines available, select a unit that reflects the aesthetic design of your existing interior and also fits your budget to the fullest. But if you consider in more detail the choice of gas fireplaces offered in Total Home Supply, you will notice that there is something else: think: Do you need a ventilated or ventilated fireplace? Ventilated and fanless gas cylinders differ in terms of safety and efficiency. Therefore, it is important to consider both factors when buying a gas fireplace.

  • Ventilated records are preferred by those seeking the first visual authenticity. They produce a large radiant flame that reflects the appearance of real wood fire. Although evacuated gas cylinders produce heat, they do not act as an effective source of heat. Since vented logs consume more gas than unvented logs, a significant amount of heat must be exhausted by the chimney. Thus, in addition to the block of ventilated logs, it is advisable to use a secondary heat source.
  • Numerous gas registers are ideal for consumers looking for an additional source of heat. Undoubtedly, a more aesthetic addition to your existing interior than a conventional heater will be that less gas is used in ribbed trunks than ventilation appliances for a smaller flame, but it is better to warm up. However, as with all gas heating systems, there are codes that determine where contactless products can be used and how many BTUs can burn in the home. This information can be found on the product page at the time of purchase.

Regardless of the type of gas fireplace you choose, it is advisable to attend your home each year with a qualified HVAC specialist. This will help maintain the safety of your family and your home and ensure the best performance of your home.

Electric fireplaces
Electric fireplaces are no stranger to skeptics, who are wondering how in truth there may be a fire-free fire. There are many advantages to owning an electric fireplace. However, when comparing the difference between gas blocks and electric furnaces, there are two main differences:

  1. The flame. Thanks to the innovative LED lighting system in combination with strategically adjusted reflector mirrors, electric fireplaces create a surprisingly realistic illusion of real fire without the hassle or bother of a wood-burning fireplace and without the risk of a real fire flame.
  2. Possibility to enjoy fire with or without heat. Since the flame only reflects light, the heater can be switched off separately, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the dancing flames throughout the year.

It is important to note that electric fireplaces should be used as an additional source of heat because they do not provide as much heat as gas fireplaces. However, there are other advantages of owning an electric fireplace from gas:

  • Electric fireplaces are more effective. Since electric fireplaces are not dependent on any ventilation, all the heat released remains in the room.
  • Electric fireplaces require less maintenance. With an electric fireplace you do not have to worry about cleaning the ash or sweeping the chimney. The only maintenance you will need is a random lamp replacement.
  • Electric fireplaces are safer and greener. Bare flames and zero gas emissions make these fireplaces safer and environmentally safe.

To further customize the aesthetics of the chimney, our electric fireplaces are equipped with a set of carved towers or glass beds. The Glass Ember Bed variant,  creates an exciting modern feel, ideal for dining rooms and restaurants, while the logs create a rustic atmosphere ideal for family rooms and holiday homes.

Electric fireplaces do not need a pre-existing fireplace for installation, as many electric fireplace blocks can be purchased with a coat. Or, you may want to save space on the floor and instead opt for a wall mounted electric fireplace. Regardless of your vision, we will definitely have a style you would like.